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Way back when sick meant to feel unwell, a tablet was something you took to stop feeling unwell, a tweet was the noise a bird made and a cloud was a fluffy thing in the sky, designers would tell you that the words didn’t matter as each picture told a thousand of them.

Never has that been less true than today. Just because your advert, brochure or website looks good is no guarantee that it will be read. How many beautiful people have you been drawn to only to discover that they’ve got the personality of a toaster (although I have been known to make a toaster sound very sexy)?

That’s where a copywriter earns his fee. It’s my job to make sure that people don’t just cast an admiring glance and move on but instead actually stop to listen to what you’ve got to say. I’ll create copy that attracts, engages and informs, and web content that amplifies your brand to help you make ripples in cyberspace.

Why you need a copywriter.

Everyone can write but there’s a difference between being able to put one word in front of another and being able to write compelling, engaging, interesting copy that gets to the point succinctly and achieves its goal with precision.

Let me explain. It’s a bit like doing your own decorating. It’s never going to be as impressive as if you’d called in the professionals. But hey, it’ll do. But then you start to notice the poor cutting in and bits flaking off.

It’s much the same with copywriting. You could write it yourself but it will never be as good as it could be if you’d hired a freelance copywriter. Missing words, spelling mistakes, wrong tenses, endless waffle – I’ve seen it all. And so have their customers.

It isn’t what a copywriter says. It’s what he whispers.

A good copywriter will be able to understand your business, its goals and challenges, its markets and audience. His words should be able to engender any emotion, generate any thought, prompt any action.

In print or online, I can help you communicate your message effectively, whether generating sales, attracting new customers, keeping stakeholders informed, educating the public or persuading people to join your cause.

Below, are just some of the copywriting services I provide.

Are you lost for words?

Let me help you.