Professional copywriting services for print, web and digital.

Copywriting comes in various guises, each differentiated by purpose, audience, medium, concept, style, and tone. On any day, I can be wearing a variety of hats depending on what I’m writing about, who I’m writing it for and where it’s going to be read.

Anyone can put one word in front of another but it’s a bit like doing your own decorating. You’ll save money but it’s never going to look as good as it would if you’d called in the professionals, particularly when you start to notice the poor cutting in and the streaky brush strokes.

Likewise, you may have an advertbrochure or website that looks the dogs bollocks. But it’s no guarantee that it will be read. How many people have you been drawn to by their appearance only to discover that they’ve got the personality of a toaster?

Words are free. It’s how you us them that can cost you.

Here’s a more in-depth look at some of the copywriting services I provide.

“What is written without effort, is in general read without pleasure.”
Samuel Johnson

Services Tom Rigby

Brochure Copywriting

Expert brochure copywriting that engages your audience, sells your brand, conveys your message and compels people to act.

Services Tom Rigby

Annual Report Copywriting

Just because they have to comply with a host of legislation doesn’t mean that annual reports have to be dull.

Services Tom Rigby

Website Content Writing

Without words, websites are like a Ferrari without an engine. Stunning to look at but not going to get you very far.

Services Tom Rigby

SEO Copywriting

If you don’t know your short-tail from your long-tail keywords, your Panda from your Penguin, SEO can be mystifying.

Services Tom Rigby

Product Description Copywriting

Well-written product descriptions can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

Services Tom Rigby

Advertising Copywriting

Attention-grabbing headline, compelling body copy and a call-to-action you can’t ignore.

Services Tom Rigby

Press Release & Case Study Writing

Press releases and case studies are the most effective and inexpensive way to promote your business.

Services Tom Rigby

Straplines & Taglines

In a few well-chosen words, a strapline must condense every company value or product benefit, and capture the imagination of your audience.

Services Tom Rigby

Blog Writing

Blogging is whatever you make it. But you must either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

Services Tom Rigby

Brand Copywriting

Brand copywriting is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Services Tom Rigby

Social Media Copywriting

Custom social media copywriting that connects, resonates and converts across all social media networks.

Services Tom Rigby

ESG Report Writing

Helping organisations communicate their environmental, social and governance commitments and achievements..

Services Tom Rigby

Proofreading Service

Check your written communications for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes befiore it’s too late.

Services Tom Rigby

Direct Mail Copywriting

Persuasive direct mail copywriting that speaks directly to your audience and inspires action.

Services Tom Rigby

Tone of Voice

It’s not what you say, it’s the way say it. A distinctive tone of voice will get your brand noticed.

Services Tom Rigby

Profile & Bio Writing

Unless you have a narcisisstic personality, talking about yourself is one of the hardest things to do.

“Tom is an incredibly useful copy resource and provides great content in a well-managed process of creation, development and delivery.”

Martin Pope, DesignReligion