While the sector might change, the result doesn't.

During my career. I’ve written for a wide range of organisations across an equally diverse array of sectors and industries – from deep sea pipelines to diarrhoea tablets, private jets to shooting socks and just about everything in between.

Only a professional copywriter can put the words in the right order to engender any emotion, generate any thought, prompt any action. As Cato (the philosopher and not the manservant who spent his time leaping out of wardrobes) once said, “grasp the subject, the words will follow”.

“What is written without effort, is in general read without pleasure.”
Samuel Johnson

Sectors Tom Rigby

Automotive Copywriting

An all-terrain automotive copywriter whose words can fuel interest and drive sales.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Charity Copywriting

Charity copywriting that raises the issues, raises awareness, raises profiles, raises funds and raises hope.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Education Copywriting

Words that inform and inspire students and teachers. schools and colleges, universities and online education.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Energy & Resources Copywriting

Electrifying copywriting for oil, gas, water, wind, solar, biomass, hydro and nuclear energy.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Financial Services Copywriting

Despite the regulatory constraints and its dry reputation, finance doesn’t have to be dull.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Healthcare Copywriting

Healthcare copywriting that brings data to life, builds trust and establishes credibility.
Sectors Tom Rigby

Insurance Copywriting

Insurance copywriting that resonates with your audience and protects your customers from the unexpected.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Legal Copywriting

Incisive and probing legal copywriting for UK law firms that is clear, compliant, compelling and sets a precedent.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Property Copywriting

Expert property and real estate copywriting that closes sales and moves people.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Public Sector Copywriting

Public sector copywriting for councils, law enforcement, housing and transport.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Engineering Copywriting

Precision engineering copywriting that torques to your audience.

Sectors Tom Rigby

Retail Copywriting

Convincing retail copywriting that persuades customers, drives traffic and boosts sales.

“Tom is an incredibly useful copy resource and provides great content in a well-managed process of creation, development and delivery.”

Martin Pope, DesignReligion