Brochure Copywriting

Brochures are one of the most important tools in a marketing armoury.  They don’t get scrolled through, they sit on desks, get passed around, create interest and, if done right, they generate sales. So, it’s vital that it speaks directly to the reader, communicates your company’s brand, reinforces its values, tells its story and showcases the features and benefits of its products and services.

But all too often, you find the budget has been spent on exquisite photography, stunning design, glossy paper and a print run to fill a warehouse. But don’t worry, Dave in accounts is good with words. I’m sure that he can cobble something together. And so there you have it, a fantastic looking brochure that is full of waffle and spelling mistakes. Bad brochures damage business.

A brochure should start with a striking overall theme with a powerful headline or tagline that that begs you to open up and read. Inside, the copy must continue to be concise and compelling copy, every word engaging the reader from the first page to the last. It needs attention-grabbing benefit-led sub-headings and strong bullet-points to reinforce the important information.

As an experienced brochure copywriter, I have over 20 years’ expertise of writing corporate brochures for FTSE-100 companies and sales brochures for some of the world’s best-selling brands. I ask the right questions, get under the skin of your company, understand your prospect’s motivations and use that information to construct a compelling, engaging narrative.

“Tom is great to work with. He got the vision, understood the message, took the brief and shaped it into a fantastic brochure”.

Giles Baker, Yoo