Brochure Copywriting

Compelling brochure copywriting for print and digital.

Even in today’s digitally-dominated world, brochures remain one of an organisation’s most valuable tools.  They don’t get scrolled through or clicked off. They sit on desks and desktops, get passed around and forwarded, create interest and, if done right, generate leads. Not one of those dull brochures, full of dreadful generic royalty-free stock images and disjointed,  meaningless corporate waffle. But a  document that is carefully considered, thoughtfully planned, accurately targeted, imaginatively designed and full of engaging and compelling brochure copywriting. Whatever sector or industry you operate in, a well-crafted brochure written by an expert brochure copywriter is multifunctional and multipurpose. It introduces your company and tells its story, communicates your brand identity and reinforces your values, positions you as an authority and engenders trust and confidence, and showcases the features and benefits of your products or services – and it’s all in one place, so people are more likely to take their time reading the content, often more than once. Even in this world of surfing and scrolling, brochures have their place in the form of digital e-brochures, usually downloadable PDF documents.

Whether you’re publishing a 4-page leaflet, a 16-page event or sales brochure, or a 32-page all-singing and dancing corporate brochure, it should have an overall theme. Inside, the content should be structured in a logical and easy-to-digest order. The copy should be concise, maintaining your brand’s tone of voice throughout and speaking directly to the reader by relating to the issues they might be facing. Your brochure copywriting must illustrate the benefits of the product or service, persuading the reader that it’s what they need and that you are the professional, reliable and trustworthy company to provide it. This can be conveyed using attention-grabbing benefit-led sub-headings, short and involving paragraphs, strong bullet-points to reinforce the important information and unignorable calls-to-action (CTA). Whether I’m providing brochure copywriting for an SME or a FTSE-100 company, I always ask the same proving questions that get people thinking, get under the skin of the company and help me to understand their customer’s motivations. Only when I have this information can I start to create an engaging narrative that resonates with their audience, generates leads and secures sales.

  • Define the overall purpose of the brochure
  • Know your audience and address them directly
  • Find your tone of voice and speak the reader’s language
  • Include strong or intriguing headings and sub-headings
  • Content must be clear and concise (get to the point)
  • Focus on benefits over features, include quantifuable facts
  • Establish credibility early on
  • Show an understanding of customer issues
  • Tell the story of your company, brand, product or sevice
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA)


For examples of my brochure copywriting, please visit my portfolio. Or if you would like to discuss a brochure copywriting project, please contact me.

“Tom is great to work with. He got the vision, understood the message, took the brief and shaped it into a fantastic brochure”.

Giles Baker, Yoo