Copywriting for the Web

Your website is your online shop window – the most important marketing tool in your armoury. Clear and compelling website content is what turns visitors into customers. Effective copywriting for websites is structured for reading online, purpose-driven and optimised for search engines. In essence, it must be written for humans and stimulate search engines.

People read quickly online. In fact, someone visiting your website for the first time will probably scan your content rather than read it properly, so it’s vital that the main points are communicated instantly. From top-level sales copy to detailed product pages and case studies, every word on your website must have a specific role.

It needs to give visitors the information they’re looking for and the confidence they need to delve deeper. The secret ingredient in many successful websites is a specialist website copywriter who understands the very different challenges of online writing – a mix of powerful and persuasive words, naturally positioned short and long-tail keywords, an authoritative tone of voice, and metadata that significantly boosts your ratings.

I am an experienced web copywriter who can make your web content work for you. I have the experience and SEO expertise to make your web content work for you, ensuring that it not only performs well in searches but also uses language that speaks directly to your target market and turns visitors into business leads or paying customers – more click-throughs, calls, sign-ups, and sales.

“Tom spent a lot of time beforehand gathering the source material and getting to know the business and its personality. This obviously paid off as the web content he supplied was pretty much spot on the first time”.

Yashar Rahmatollahi, CIGP