There are no dull subjects, only dull writers.

Typically, my copywriting clients fall into one of four categories. Either they’re struggling to find the right words; they’ve got too many words; they haven’t got enough words; or they haven’t got any words at all.

From household names to those not so familiar, my ideas and words have helped businesses and brands communicate for over 25 years. While you might not have heard of me, you’ll certainly have read my words, used some of my clients’ services or bought one of their products.

I also collaborate with design, marketing and branding agencies, called in at any stage of the creative process, whether to brainstorm concepts, write from scratch, or provide quick copy to meet a pressing deadline. If you like, I’m the Ernie to their Eric, the Lennon to their McCartney.

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“If my doctor told me I only had six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”

Isaac Asimov

“Tom’s ability to convert a garbled brief into perfect prose is quite amazing. He is patient, creative, quick to pick up new concepts, adaptable, meets deadlines and is great value for money.”

Leigh Hammans, Dunk Design