Product Description Writing

Product description writing that engages and sells.

Well-written product description copywriting can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Not only does it provide the potential customer with product specification and features, it also captures imaginations by painting a picture or telling a story delivers the type of customer experience that you would expect from an attentive sales assistant. But it’s not features that sell products, it’s benefits. The customer will always ask ‘what can it do for me’, ‘will it solve my issue’, ‘will it make me look or feel good’.

Whatever the product and wherever it’s going to be sold, I always start by deciding on a tone of voice that will relate to the audience. Then, I ask myself three questions – ‘what particular problem does the product solve’, ‘what will the customer gain from buying the product’ and ‘what separates the product from others on the market’. From here, I create an easy-to-read narrative that attracts the customer, creates a connection by addresses their purchasing motivations and leads them towards the checkout.

If you’re an e-commerce store or selling online, your product descriptions arguably one of the most crucial parts of your whole site. Compelling, SEO-optimised sales copy on product pages make a huge difference to your conversion rates, so it’s worth taking the time and spending the money to get them right. Great product descriptions can help naturally optimise your website for the products you’re selling – product descriptions that persuade customers to buy from you and rank better in search engines to bring in more potential customers.


As an experienced product description copywriter, I have written product descriptions for independent boutique shops and huge multinational retailers, as well as online stores and online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and Shopify. If you would like to discuss my product description copywriting services, please contact me.

“I didn’t realise just how much information you could get into a product description. And not just the facts. Tom told a story that had sold the bottle before you finished reading it”.

James Mark, Jim & Tonic