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Refreshing hospitality copywriting that sells experiences and boosts bookings.

Perhaps more than any other sector, hospitality has been hit the hardest in recent years. If the hospitality sector wasn’t competitive enough, the global pandemic, Brexit and the current cost-of-living crisis have all added to the sector’s woes. Those hospitality businesses that have managed to survive now find themselves having to adapt to a new landscape – one in which consumers are more discerning and cost-aware. Businesses operating in accommodation, food and beverages, catering, entertainment, events, recreation, leisure, travel and tourism, are all looking for new ways to nurture existing customers and communicate with new audiences. This is where hospitality copywriting can make all the difference – increasing exposure, boosting bookings and maintaining customer loyalty.  Hospitality copywriting must capture the consumer’s imagination – creating great expectations with mouth-watering menus, welcoming guest brochures, exhilarating visitor websites, informative events calendars, captivating video scripts and electric concert and theatre programmes.

Whether an international chain of hotels or a family-owned guest house, a catering company or independent restaurant, an amusement park or an entertainment venue, the business of selling experiences requires inspired hospitality copywriting. The first step is knowing your target audience. Not just nurturing your regular clientele, but also exploring emerging and evolving markets. To start with, picture your ideal customer or client – their age. Income bracket, lifestyle, what they’re looking for, their preferences, what will make them make a booking and what might make them go elsewhere. This knowledge will help you to create a more relevant message. People’s choices are influenced by a number of factors, both practical and emotional – price and value for money, great customer service, personality. attention to detail, first impressions, personal recommendations and positive reviews. Instead, of avoiding the issuer be prepared to address and overcome any consumer pain points and purchasing objections. It may seem counter-intuitive but they’ll thank you for it.

Secondly, you need to highlight your value proposition – what makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition. The answer to this question should give you the reason why consumers should choose you over other establishments. Your value proposition should be communicated clearly, concisely and as early as possible, using compelling language that resonates with the audience. Once you have established the factual elements of your communication, you need to inject some personality and emotion into the copywriting – words that truly reflect your brand personality, make a connection and appeal to the consumer’s desires, fears, aspirations or frustrations – after all, you’re selling more than just a meal, a hotel toom, spa treatment or day out. You’re selling an experience that you hope will live long in the memory and persuade them to return time and again. Last of all, end it with a clear and compelling call-to-action to guide your audience through the sales funnel and encourage them to take action – book now, call us, sign up, learn more etc.

Stimulating copywriting for hospitality brands.

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