Automotive Copywriting

Automotive copywriting that drives sales.

The automotive market is constantly shifting gears. As technology advances, new products are developed. customer preferences shift, legislation changes and new manufacturers enter the market, selling a vehicle, component or accessory in the automotive market is tougher than ever. While photos of a shiny new car or interesting accessory can attract attention, no promotion is complete without the right words to deliver your message. Style without substance is worthless. Your message and overall automotive copywriting needs to speak volumes directly to the potential buyer.

The automotive landscape has changed. It’s no longer fought in the showroom over a cup of cheap coffee. Before they even steps inside your retail store, most savvy customers will have already narrowed their search before they enter a showroom based on what they’ve seen or read in a publication, seen online or in an advert. To prosper, automotive retailers must be prepared to change, innovate or fail and the competitive landscape continues to change. Good automotive copywriting is often the difference between a happy customer and a missed sales opportunity.

Automotive copywriting often makes that difference. Not only can it attract new customers, it also builds your brand encourages loyalty among existing customers. From saloons to hatchbacks, convertibles to SUV’s, pick-ups to commercial vans and trucks, car manufacturers and manufacturers of commercial vehicles are continually looking for that competitive edge. I can help you craft messages that speaks directly to your market. Words that let them hear the purr of the engine and smell the upholstery, steering them towards your brand.

Whether they’ve wanted a quick spin or were preparing for a long journey, for over 20 years, leading brands in the automotive sector have trusted me differentiate them from their competitors and to find new ways to connect with their B2B or B2C audiences. I am all-terrain copywriter who has written website content to brochures, advertisements to data sheets, product descriptions to social media campaigns for manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, privately-owned car dealerships, makers of automotive parts and accessories and auto repair services.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist