Healthcare Copywriting

Clinical healthcare copywriting that establishes credibility, instils confidence and builds trust.

The world of healthcare copywriting doesn’t stand still. In the highly-competitive, ever-shifting healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and wellbeing sectors, companies and brands are continually looking for new ways to communicate with their target audiences. Whether producing a brochure, annual report, clinical study, website, presentation, patient information leaflet, white paper or a case study, healthcare copywriting often involves taking complex scientific information and medical evidence and combining it with creative flair and exceptional storytelling. Without ever dumbing down, creative healthcare copywriting can use engaging narratives to transforms healthcare information into accessible content and bring it to life across multiple media platforms. It’s an approach that fosters understanding, sparks interest, and facilitates broader dissemination, bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and their target audience.

Whatever branch of healthcare you operate in (medical, clinical pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, life sciences, health tech, aesthetics or wellness), having a clear understanding of your target audience (patient or clinical) and their unique needs, motivations and behaviours will help you to establish the tone of voice and is the first step in creating engaging, relevant and informative healthcare copywriting. Healthcare communications targeted at healthcare professionals – whether wanting to engage clinicians, influence decision-makers, report to stakeholders, highlight healthcare innovations and insights, drug development and clinical research outcomes to regulators or get a product or service to market – should adopt an authoritative tone of voice that establishes credibility, enhances reputation and demonstrates commercial awareness. The language should be scientifically robust, medically accurate, concise and compelling.

Healthcare organisation wanting to connect with a wider public audience (relaying essential medical information, attracting new patients to your practice or clinic, launching a new healthcare product or service, growing your healthcare brand) will use a tone that still demonstrates authority but also displays a level of empathy and compassion to instil confidence and build trust. The language should be informative, persuasive, concise and accessible. Perhaps more than any other sector, in healthcare communications, there’s no room for inaccuracy, confusion, over-promising or ambiguity. It’s about turning evidence-based content into stories that people can relate to on both a human and medical level – words that articulate the difference an organisation, product or service can make to people – because like healthcare, great healthcare communications can, and should, transform lives, all while traversing a strict regulatory and compliance healthcare landscape.

Infectious healthcare copywriting for medical, pharma, biotech and life sciences.

As an experienced healthcare copywriter, I have crafted key messages and told inspirational stories on behalf of NHS Trusts, health authorities, hospitals, private medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, dental surgeries, care homes, life science laboratories, alternative therapists and GP practices. If you would like to discuss your healthcare copywriting needs, please get in touch.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist