Strapline Copywriting

Straplines that become an inseperable part of the brand.

Strapline copywriting, whether for a brand, product or service is one of the more challenging aspects of copywriting. While a few leap out at you within the first hour, it could also easily take a couple of days to distil the perfect strapline. You begin to understand why when you consider that in those two to five words, you must neatly capture who you are, your values, what you do, the benefits you offer and the imagination of the audience. So, you must say one thing or express one thought and do it well.

A company strapline, product tagline or service slogan that tries to say too much soon loses meaning while a timid strapline instantly forgettable. Instead, it should be bold, memorable, emotionally-targeted and benefit-led. Likewise, it could be a powerful statement, thought-provoking,  moving or humorous. Consider those that have become instantly recognisable across the world – ‘Just do it’, ‘Every little helps’, ‘Because you’re worth it’. ‘I’m lovin’ it’, ‘It does what it says on the tin’, ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ and ‘Probably the best lager in the world’.

As an experienced strapline copywriter, I usually start by considering the name of the organisation product and service and look at any mission statements or values. Then, I research the typical client or customer, understand their motivations and pain-points and begin to write down random thoughts and words. To be honest, at this stage it’s just a page of doodles and scribbles, before I start to drill down or find a tangent and a picture starts to form. It’s the thinking that takes the time. Without thought, words are useless.

“Tom came up with several alternative straplines and to be honest we could have chosen any one of them”.

Tom Zjalic, Westley Richards