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Words with power: Copywriting for energy and resource companies.

There is probably no sector under more scrutiny than energy, resources and utilities. As well as rapid developments and fast-changing regulations, the sectors are constantly under the spotlight for their profiteering and their sometime ambiguous attitudes towards the environment and climate change. With public opinion more divided than ever, companies operating in the energy, utilities and resources sectors have to tread carefully. It has the needs and wants of a wide and varied range of stakeholders and interested parties to satisfy including shareholders, customers, governing bodies, regulators, Government departments and even their own staff. It can be a tricky balance and, be assured, the media is never far behind.

While your shareholders want to see profit as much as progress towards a greener tomorrow. cCustomers demand transparency and a reduction in bills. The Department of Energy & Climate Change and governing bodies such as Ofgem want the reassurance of safe and reliable supply as well a reduction in costs to the consumer. Meanwhile, pressure groups want the complete disbandment of energies that rely on fossil fuels. In an industry that touches every part of the public’s lives, companies have to tread carefully. This is where the words of an experienced copywriter can make all the difference to your bottom line, reputation and customer satisfaction level.

In any one document or website, you will probably be talking to a wide variety of people, in which case it’s essential that the language is clear, credible and consistent. A message that is ambiguous and lacks clarity only causes confusion and mistrust. You must adopt a tone that balances authority and inclusivity, using fact-based writing geared towards the audience’s interests and translating complex technical information into plain English, where possible, without losing any of the important detail. Stakeholders are crying out for clarity of message and transparency of practice, particularly as costs rise and controversies grow.

Therefore, energy copywriting must engage and educate, quickly providing easily-accessible accurate information that is free, as much as possible, of jargon and unnecessary acronyms. But remember, words are subjective. When combined with complex messaging of sustainability and environmental impact, costs and transparency, a poorly constructed message can easily become a perfect storm for confusion, concerns and criticism. Balancing growing environmental, social and political pressure with stakeholder demands and sustainability challenges, there has never been a more important time to revisit your copywriting and content.

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As an energy copywriter, I’ve written for several of the world’s leading domestic utility and energy providers (gas, electricity and water), as well as some of the globe’s largest commercial resource companies (oil, gas, petroleum, nuclear and renewable energies such as solar, biomass, hydro, natural gas and onshore and offshore wind). During the past 25 years, I’ve provided copy for an array of materials including website content, brochures, annual reviews, sustainability and ESG reports, white papers, press releases, case studies, advertisements, posters, leaflets and video scripts.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist