Property Copywriting

Expert property and real estate copywriting that closes sales and moves people.

Copywriting for the residential property and commercial real estate markets is always shifting. Still as competitive as it ever was, the market is now saturated with content from estate agents, housebuilders, constructions firms and property developers fighting to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And when you all deal in bricks and mortar, that’s not easy. Now, with over 80% of property searches starting online, so as well as window displays and the local press, your brand and property listings need to be clicked, liked and shared on your website and social media, using target keywords and localised SEO-rich content that generates clicks, likes and shares.

While shifting preferences keep the target moving, it also exposes new opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Focusing on your unique values, experience, abilities, knowledge and personality is what will make you stand out from the crowd. To promote your property brand, your copy should build confidence and garner trust, speaking directly to your audience with an authoritative voice but engaging tone. In a market renowned for shiny suits and smooth talking, people have to believe that they are your only customer. People don’t fall for schmooze anymore. They want authenticity and value, not hype and hyperbole.

Whether you’re marketing a residential property or a commercial development, it’s not just about the bricks and mortar. People very rarely make property investments on what is but what it could be. As someone once said, ‘sell the sizzle, not the sausage’. Create a lifestyle and focus on the benefits, living or working in this house, flat or office space will bring. Make that emotional connection with potential buyers, spark their imagination with suggestion but don’t overpromise. It always ends in disappointment. So, ditch the cliches and keep your descriptions clear, concise and informative. By all means, sow the seeds but leave the dreaming to the reader.

Copywriting that reaches, engages and converts.

I’ve been writing for the property and real estate markets for almost 30 years and have an excellent understanding of the sector and its people. I’ve worked with companies all over the world, updating websites, writing property listings and preparing vision documents, targeting potential buyers and investors. As well as estate agents, housebuilders, property search agents, construction firms and commercial property developers, I also work with an array of associated professions including architects, property solicitors, real estate investment companies, property managers, quantity surveyors, planning agencies, landlords, property tech companies and interior designers.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist