Direct Mail Copywriting

Direct mail copywriting that gets read and prompts action.

In today’s digitally-dominated world, direct mail is much maligned and considered to be old-has fashioned and junk mail. However, direct mail still an important role in the modern marketing mix. A well-written, targeted, accountable and affordable direct mail campaign can provide a better return on investment than advertising or public relations. Direct mail copywriting is a challenge. No matter how persuasive the writing or stunning the graphics, to produce the desired results it also relies on other factors – the brand, product or service, the format, the timing and the mailing list. They all influence whether it will be read or end up in the bin. Obviously, the most critical component in any successful direct mail campaign is a great offer. The second is great direct mail copywriting.

Whether you want to generate leads, boost sales, persuade subscribers, raise awareness, increase donations or gather information, direct mail offers people two distinct paths – life with and life without your product or service. The message should be developed around the key selling points and the narrative should walk the recipient through learning about and evaluating your offer, and persuading them that life would be much better with it. People are bombarded with messages every day, so to avoid the bin, the copywriting needs to be clear, concise, engaging and compelling, breaking up information with attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines and finishing off with a deal-clinching call-to-action.

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Direct Mail Copywriting Tom Rigby

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