Sectors I've written for.

During my career. I’ve written for a broad range of businesses across an equally diverse number of sectors and industries. And while I have better knowledge of some than others it’s not always necessary to have experience of a business area. In fact, not doing so can often prove to be an advantage.

My job will be to make sure that your customers or clients can understand your business. I will come to you with a knowledge of words, experience of business, maybe an insight into your industry but most importantly with a fresh and objective perspective.


As Cato (the philosopher, not the manservant who spent his time leaping out of wardrobes) once said, “grasp the subject, the words will follow.”

Below, is a more detailed look at some of the sectors that I’ve written about.

“What is written without effort, is in general read without pleasure.”
Samuel Johnson

Automotive Copywriting

An all-terrain copywriter whose words can fuel interest and drive sales.

Charity Copywriting

Charity copywriting that raises the issues, raises awareness, raises profiles, raises funds and raises hope.

Education Copywriting

Words that inform and inspire at every stage of education, from schools to academies, colleges to universities.

Energy & Resources Copywriting Vectoer

Energy Copywriting

Efficient and sustainable copywriting for oil, gas, water, wind, solar and nuclear energy.

Financial Copywriting

Despite the regulatory constraints and its dull and dry reputation, finance doesn’t have to be grey.

Healthcare Copywriting

Healthcare content that brings data to life, establishes credibility, instils confidence and enhances reputations.

Insurance Copywriting

Insurance copywriting that helps cushion your falls and protects your family. home. car. pet…

Property Copywriting

In a market renowned for shinty suits and smooth talking, people want authenticity and value, not hype and hyperbole.

“Tom is an incredibly useful copy resource and provides great content in a well-managed process of creation, development and delivery.”

Martin Pope, DesignReligion