Strapline Writing

Strapline copywriting, whether for a brand, product ior service is one of the more challenging aspects of copywriting. It could easily take a couple of days to distil the perfect strapline. Why? Because you have to say so much in so few words. So you must say one thing and say it well.

Those few words should help sum up the essence of the company, product or service, capture the imagination of its audience and a build a brand that will see an organisation through a lifetime of promotion, from advertising to stationery, websites to mailshots.

Within five words you must encapsulate who you are or what you sell, your values, the benefits you or it offers and what emotion you want them to feel – all neatly captured in your chosen tone of voice. Those words need to have an impact, leave an impression and become an inseparable part of the brand.

A good strapline should be relevant, honest, memorable short and creative. It should express one thought and be bold. A multi-aspect strapline soon loses meaning while a timid strapline is easily forgotten. It could be thought-provoking, humorous, moving or powerful but above all, it must be benefit-led,

How many straplines do you see that are irrelevant or instantly forgettable? Consider those that have become instantly recognisable across the world – ‘Just do it’, ‘Every little helps’, ‘Because you’re worth it’. ‘I’m lovin’ it’, Vorsprung Durch Technik’ and ‘Probably the best lager in the world’.

Starting with your company, product or service name, and adding your mission and values, I understand more about your target audience and begin to write down random thoughts and words, drilling down until a picture starts to build up. It’s the thinking that takes the time. Without thought, words are useless.

As a strapline copywriter for over 25 years, I’ve written straplines and taglines for international car manufacturers to pharmaceutical giants, real estate developers to charities. So, whether you need a company strapline, a product tagline a service slogan or an organisational motto, I’m just a phone call away.

“Tom came up with several alternative straplines and to be honest we could have chosen any one of them”.

Tom Zjalic, Westley Richards