Profile & Bio Writing

Profile writing that makes an impression.

A professional profile or bio that hasn’t been properly considered is like turning up at a business meeting with spinach on your teeth or your skirt tucked into your knickers. A well-written profile or bio is like a virtual handshake, a valuable piece of marketing collateral. But unless you have a narcissistic personality, finding the best way to describe yourself as a credible, accomplished and likable expert is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why most people get someone else to write it for them. I’ve written bios and profiles for a range of business professionals, most of who have come to me because they’re either  unsure what to write or feel uneasy doing so.

Whether it’s a short Linkedin profile or a longer bio for a website or presentation, decide who you’re writing it for – what is their knowledge of you,  your company and the sector you operate in? Set the style and tone early, depending on the platform and audience. For a generic profile, I would suggest an authoritative but friendly tone, confident but not arrogant. Use humour if you think the audience would appreciate it.  You’re not a robot, so let your personality shine through. To add an air of objectivity, I would always suggest writing in the third person. Next, be succinct. Imagine that people will only read the first paragraph and so outline the most important information in the introduction.

You can then go on to expand on what you’ve done, how long you’ve been doing it, where you came from, how you got to where you are, what makes you better at doing it than anyone else, awards you’ve won for doing it, and why people should trust you to do it for them. Talk about your values, what inspires or excites you. Say something personal and meaningful without resorting to the usual gush of sincerity or corporate speak. Avoid jargon and abbreviations unless you’re writing for a knowledgeable audience. Leave it for a while and come back to it. Then, once you think that you’ve honed it, give it to someone else to read (preferably someone who is objective).


If you would like to discuss having your professional profile professionally written by an experienced bio copywriter, please contact me.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist