Press Release & Case Study Writing

There was a time when journalists enjoyed making paper planes from badly written and poorly targeted press releases. Now, they have the power of the delete button. Gaining free publicity for your company is tough but getting your story published to get your brand noticed and drive traffic to your website, offers far more return than any paid-for promotion.

Whether you want to announce a product launch, showcase your latest product or service, make a company announcement, offer a thought leadership article or position your company as an expert authority on a topical issue, a well-written press release or case study is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your business.

Both print and digital media are always looking for a good news story but your press release must have something newsworthy to say such as reporting a commercial success story or relating to a current trend or event, or if targeting local media, something with a human interest angle. Find a hook and your halfway there already.

A case study is probably the most powerful piece of marketing any organisation can produce. They are a great way of illustrating real-life examples of precisely what your business can do to help other potential customers or clients. Third-party endorsement increases credibility and provides a platform for promoting your products and services.

Over three decades, I’ve sat on both sides of the fence, as a journalist and a copywriter, and know what makes a good story. I can help you develop your messaging and build your story, creating newsworthy press releases, informative case studies or fact sheets, engaging thought leadership articles and persuasive award entries.

“Tom has been our go-to copywriter for several years. He writes informative and engaging press releases and case studies that never fail to get coverage”.

Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist