Annual Report Copywriting

Just because they must comply with a host of legislation doesn’t mean that annual review and annual report writing has to be dull. Yes, they must be a statement of record about the business’s current state and provide statutory financial information but it’s also a chance to share your vision for the next year and beyond.

Your annual report is so much more than a corporate reporting document and a review of the past 12 months. It’s a unique opportunity and the most credible medium for telling your organisation’s story and building understanding, trust and confidence among investors and other key stakeholders.

You’re communicating with a variety of audiences, from shareholders to journalists, employees to potential investors – each looking for something different. Therefore, there’s likely to be contributions from a dozen or so people, from the Chairman to the CEO, the Finance Director to the Sales Director – each with different priorities, perspectives and communication abilities.

Over the years, I’ve built a long track record of annual report writing and have produced over100 annual reports on behalf of FTSE 100 companies to international charities. It’s my job to set your past, present and future activities in a meaningful context, and create a narrative which is compelling, informative, easy to digest and speaks with authority.

“We wanted an annual report that not only provided the facts but also shared our vision for the future – something different that made us proud. Tom made that difference”.

Caroline Diehl MBE, The Media Trust