There are many different types of copywriting, each differentiated by purpose, audience, medium, concept, style, and tone.

Such is the diversity of copywriting, it’s considered the only socially-acceptable form of schizophrenia. On any one day, I can assume many guises, depending on what I’m writing about, who I’m writing for and where the writing is going to be read.

That’s why two pieces of copywriting are never the same and why one piece of copywriting can’t be applied across different media. So don’t think that you can take your brochure copy and simply upload it on to your website. It just won’t work,

I don’t specialise in a particular type of copywriting or in any specific business sector. During the past 25 years, I’ve written about deep sea pipelines to diarrhoea tablets, million-pound properties to shooting socks, and just about everything in between.

So when you choose to work with me, not only are you employing an experienced copywriter you’re also benefitting from three decades of business expertise. That kind of know-how can’t be faked and can’t be bought off the Internet.


Annual Report Copywriting

Just because they must comply with a host of legislation doesn’t mean that annual reports and annual reviews have to be dull. Yes, they have to provide financial statistics but they are also the most credible medium for telling your company’s story, and building understanding, trust and confidence among key stakeholders. You’re communicating with a variety of audiences, from shareholders to journalists, employees to potential investors – each looking for something different. It’s my job to set your past, present and future activities in a meaningful context, and create a narrative which is compelling, informative, easy to digest and speaks with authority. Whether you’re a small family business, a national charity or a FTSE 100 company, I find the right balance between disclosure and storytelling. I can advise you on the structure and content, gather the relevant information, interview the right people and build the sources into clear, engaging content from the first page to the last.


Brochure Copywriting

Despite the dominance of the Internet, there is still a place for the traditional printed brochure. But in the face of digital competition, it needs to work harder. It must communicate your company’s brand, tell its story and showcase its products and services. As an experienced brochure copywriter, you’ll benefit from over 20 years’ experience writing corporate brochures for FTSE 100 companies and sales brochures for some of the world’s best-selling products. I ask the right questions, get under the skin of your company, understand your prospects’ rationale and use that information to construct a compelling, engaging narrative. Whether you’re an SME looking to produce your first brochure or a multinational company wanting to update an existing one, you’re creating one of the most important marketing tools in your armoury.  Brochures do not get scrolled through – they get read more thoroughly and are passed around key decision-makers.


Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting

If you don’t know your short-tail from your long-tail keyword, your Panda from your Penguin, writing copy for search engine optimisation and content marketing can be a tricky balancing act. On the one hand, in order to drive visitors to your site and boost your position in the rankings, you must satisfy the search engine robots looking for high-quality content from a trusted authority. But that’s only half of the job. Once they reach your page, your online content marketing must provide people with content they consider to be interesting and valuable.  Whether you need a complete website or social media content, a product description or a landing page, I’ll work with you to identify relevant words and phrases and weave them into engaging content, layered with enough knowledge and assurance to position you as an authority in your sector. As an SEO copywriter, I’ll make every word count: meta tags to drive traffic to your site; page titles and H1 and H2 headings that grab the attention of both reader and robot; and articulate keyword-rich content that will boost your position in search engine rankings, enhance your brand, encourage organic backlinks and engage the reader, gently offering your products and services.


Direct Mail Copywriting

Direct mail may be much maligned. After all, who wants to be described as ‘junk’ or ‘trash’? But when it’s targeted, accountable and affordable, you can tailor your campaign using a range of demographics to ensure that it arrives in front of the right person and at the right time. You don’t want them to bin it or merely glance over it. You want them to read it, read it again and then take action. The content of your direct mail is the first step towards bringing your company, service or product to a potential customer’s attention and persuading them that it’s something that they need. Therefore, it’s essential that you talk to an experienced direct mail copywriter about creating the most effective content. Whether it’s a one-off piece or part of a campaign and whether distributed via email or by post, I’ll give you winning ideas and words that demand attention. Using a combination of attention-grabbing headlines, a compelling story, a scattering of buzzwords, an unmissable offer, a call-to-action that clinches the deal and a reinforcing postscript, your piece of direct mail will keep people reading from the first word to the last and answer the essential questions:

What is the purpose of this direct mail? Is it to inform them about something, generate enquiries or offer a new service or product?

What is it I want to sell? What is my product or service? What does it do? How does it do it? Is there evidence to support any claims?

Who am I selling it to? What do you know about your customers? Are they male or female? How old are they? What is their job title? What is their level of understanding?

Why should they buy it? How would your product or service benefit them? How is it better than other than other similar products and service on the market?

Why should they buy it from you? How long have you been in business? Are you a well-known name or brand in your sector? What is your USP?

Why would they say no? What would stop them from investing in your product or service? Is it the cost or ROI? Is there a similar product or service already available?

What is the call to action? Should they visit, call, email or go to a website? Is there a deadline? Will they miss out on anything if they don’t respond now?


Product Description Copywriting

A well-written product description can be the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity. You have seconds to grab the attention of search engines and capture the imagination of potential customers, so let the words do your selling. I’ve been a product description copywriter for over 20 years, and from security devices to make-up to luxury resorts, I’ve written personality-packed, fully optimised product descriptions for small, local independents and huge multinational retailers. And while some simply copy manufacturer descriptions, I will help you to identify your target audience and understand their purchase motivations, write engaging product descriptions that not only accurately provide the specifications but also sell the benefits. Whether you require a few product descriptions for a limited, exclusive range or hundreds for a vast range of continually updating stock, I use hard facts and gentle persuasion to take shoppers from mildly interested to the checkout. And in terms of the bottom line, whatever your sector, my product description writing will improve search engine results, boost traffic and increase conversion rates.


Copywriting for the Web

Your website is your online shop window – the most important marketing tool in your armoury. Clear and compelling website content is what turns visitors into customers. Effective copywriting for websites is structured for reading online, purpose-driven and optimised for search engines. In essence, it must be written for humans and stimulate search engines. People read quickly online. In fact, someone visiting your website for the first time will probably scan your content rather than read it properly, so it’s vital that the main points are communicated instantly. From top-level sales copy to detailed product pages and case studies, every word on your website must have a specific role. It needs to give visitors the information they’re looking for and the confidence they need to delve deeper. The secret ingredient in many successful websites is a specialist website copywriter who understands the very different challenges of online writing – a mix of powerful and persuasive words, naturally positioned short and long-tail keywords, an authoritative tone of voice, and metadata that significantly boosts your ratings. I am an experienced web copywriter who can make your web content work for you. I have the experience and SEO expertise to make your web content work for you, ensuring that it not only performs well in searches but also uses language that speaks directly to your target market and turns visitors into business leads or paying customers – more click-throughs, calls, sign-ups, and sales.


Social Media Copywriting


Copywriting for Marketing