Copywriting Rates

Copywriting Rates: Some words are worth more than others.

Writing copy – and I mean proper copy and not the stuff sold for peanuts by copy mills and written by moonlighting journalists, failed poets, frustrated novelists and students – involves a mix of art, science, experience, insight, luck and judgement. Talent is always a bonus.

Yes, sometimes I can hammer out a page within a couple of hours. But at other times, I can spend days agonising over a single strapline. And that’s the difference between churning out meaningless drivel and writing something that gets results.

Unlike some copywriters, I’m candid about my copywriting rates. I work on the premise that good words are worth much and should cost (relatively) little. Even with 25 years’ experience, I prefer to keep my fees relatively low.

Words should be weighed and not counted.

I’m not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. For someone with my experience, you can easily pay upwards of £600 per day. Rest assured, by hiring me you won’t be subsidising plush offices, a swish car or a champagne lifestyle.

Every piece of work is different. So, for your benefit and mine, I prefer to charge on a project basis, giving you a fixed cost before a word is written. This charge is based on my experience of the time it will take, the experience I bring, the advice I offer and the value I add.


Copywriting cost examples.

To give you an idea, I charge £35 per hour or £300 per day. So that you can relate this to the type of copywriting you might need, I’ve given you some examples below.


Brochure copywriting                                                  £60 per page

Web Content (SEO) copywriting                               £60 per page

Social Media Content copywriting                            On Request

Product Description copywriting                              £5 per 100 words

Annual Report copywriting                                        £60 per page

Direct Mail copywriting                                              On Request

Business & Sales Letter copywriting                        £125 per standard A4 page

Leaflet, Flyer & Insert copywriting                          On Request

Brand Story copywriting                                            £ 90 per page

Press Release & Case Study writing                         £175 per standard A4 page

Copy Critique                                                               £30 per hour

Are you lost for words?

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