Copywriting Process

So, how does it work?


The copywriting process. Tried and tested.

Each morning, after I make the short journey from the kitchen to my office, I don’t just pick up a pen and start writing. The ability to write copy isn’t something that comes on tap or just falls off the end of a production line unless of course, you go to one of those copy sweatshops.

Engaging with your chosen audience relies on choosing the right words and getting them in the right order. Simple you may think. But there’s more to copywriting than polished prose, a string of buzzwords, a catchy headline or a clever turn of phrase.

How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.

As I’m sure you do too, I like all of my relationships to be as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible, so I try to avoid lengthy complex contracts or retainers. Instead, I work on a project basis, providing a cost upfront for every brief I’m given.

Likewise, I adopt the same approach to each project whether I’m writing web content for a global pharmaceutical giant or a piece of direct mail for a local crafts centre. It’s one that has continually brought success throughout over 20 years of writing.



Talking, listening, asking and understanding are as important as writing. Getting to know you allows me to get under the skin of your business and its objectives, the characteristics of your natural audience, their needs and wants. This is usually done over the telephone.


I’ll then send you a quote. I prefer to charge on a project basis, giving you a fixed cost before I start. This charge is based on my experience of the time it will take, the experience I bring, the advice I offer and the value I add. It also means that you know exactly what it’ll cost.


Next, I’ll ask you to complete an in-depth Copywriting Brief, the answers to which will give me the detailed information I need. I’ll also do my own research and telephone interviews will be undertaken as required your goals, your customers’ motivations and the call to action.


I offer a balance of clear thinking and sharp writing (and the odd bit of daydreaming and doodling). I will use the information provided by you together with research of my own to complete the first draft. This will be supplied to you as a Microsoft Word file.


The first draft should be seen as the start of our conversation and not the final decision. You should read the copy, making sure that I’ve understood the brief correctly and that style of language, tone of voice, spelling and grammar are correct. I’ll liaise with you to get your feedback and incorporate this into a second draft, with any final tweaks being made in the final draft.


Once you’re satisfied with the work I will ask you to confirm your approval by email. Then. And only then, I will then send you an invoice for the work. All invoices are sent electronically, unless agreed otherwise, and are payable within 21 days of receipt.

Are you lost for words?

Let me help you.